• Corruption and Crime Commission Investigation - October 2009

    The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) has undertaken an investigation into public sector officers accepting promotional benefits in connection with the supply of consumables for business machines.

    The investigation highlighted that some purchasing officers have not been buying these consumables in accordance with the Common Use Arrangement for business machines and business machine consumables (CUA 25307). Specifically, purchasing officers have been buying toner cartridges from suppliers not listed as a supplier to government on this CUA.

    In addition, these suppliers have been using targeted marketing strategies to induce government purchasing officers to buy toner cartridges outside of the CUA.

    These strategies include:

    • cold calling and persistent phone calls;
    • adopting a dominating and bullying manner; and
    • offering gifts, rewards and gratuities.

    Purchasing in accordance with State Supply Commission policies

    The State Supply Commission's Common Use Arrangement policy states that, where a CUA has been established, a public authority must purchase under it in accordance with the relevant Buyers' Guide.

    CUAs are mandatory in the Perth metropolitan area. Where a CUA exists for a particular good or service, purchasing officers in the metropolitan area must buy from that CUA.

    Most CUAs are non-mandatory for agencies in regional areas, however purchasing officers are still required to ensure when purchasing that value for money is obtained and that the requirements of the Buy Local Policy are satisfied.

    In addition to the policies outlined above, all government procurement must be conducted in accordance with the State Supply Commission's Probity and Accountability policy and the Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics which require all government employees to observe the high standards of integrity, ethics and probity. All government employees should note that a failure to observe the above requirements may constitute an act of misconduct under the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

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    Published date: 29 October 2009