• Supply Policy Update

    The State Supply Commission (the Commission) policies have been amended and will come into effect on 1 July 2014.

    The policies were reviewed with a focus on identifying areas for streamlining and improving the efficiency of procurement activities, maintaining sound risk management practices, and having regard to the maturing procurement capabilities of the public sector.

    The policies are designed to minimise red tape. They are a set of clear, straightforward rules that encourage and assist public authorities to obtain best value for money.

    The policies are available on the Commission’s website. In addition, an overview of the amendments will be provided to agencies and is also available on the website.

    Agencies may wish to consider if changes to internal policies and procedures will be required as a result of the introduction of the revised policies.

    The amended supply policies are:

    • Common Use Arrangements
    • Disposal of Goods
    • Open and Effective Competition
    • Probity and Accountability
    • Procurement Planning, Evaluation Reports and Contract Management
    • Sustainable Procurement

    The Private Sector Procuring for Public Authorities policy has been revoked.

    Please note the Value for Money policy has not been amended.

    Further Assistance

    For further enquiries regarding this Buyer Alert please contact the State Supply Commission on telephone 6551 1500.

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    Published date: 01 July 2014