• Energy reporting reminder

    BMW requires that lead consultants monitor and report on building energy consumption during the defects liability period (Architectural Services Panel Request 2012, clause B2.11). This reporting has not always been completed, however BMW is now collecting energy benchmarking data for all new building projects as part of post-occupancy evaluations.

    The Lead Consultant, or delegated sub-consultant, is required to submit an Energy Use Report to the Principal’s Representative monthly during the defects liability period. This Report should record the building’s energy use compared to estimated use. Any discrepancies should be noted and remedial measures recommended if necessary. A final Energy Use Report should be submitted before a Final Certificate is issued.

    Download BMW’s Energy Use Report template here.

    The Energy Use Report will form part of the Final Completion checklist. Failure to submit the Report may be noted on the consultant performance report.

    Energy Reporting Example

    For further information please contact BMW's Building Research and Technical Services: principal.architect@finance.wa.gov.au