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    Specification by Example

    Consultants producing tender documents are reminded that in accordance with the Open and Effective Competition Policy and the Buy Local Policy, the Department of Finance (the Department) requires there is no favouring of specific manufacturers, or disadvantaging of others.

    Consultants failing to adhere to the Department’s Open and Effective Competition: Section 2.4: Avoiding Bias policy are potentially favouring specific manufacturers over others. This is a serious concern and ongoing noncompliance with this requirement may adversely impact on that consultant’s relationship with the Department.

    All consultants must ensure they adhere to the Department's specification by example requirements when developing tender documentation. If specification by example is used, the consultant must add the clause: "or a similar product equivalent in function, quality, etc to the approval of the Superintendent”. This must, in all instances, immediately follow the specification in such a fashion that the phrase is read as integral part of the specification.

    Furthermore, in compliance with the Western Australian Government's Buy Local Policy, specification by example, must use a Western Australian product where a suitable Western Australian product exists.

    Failure to comply with these policies can result in the Department imposing sanctions restricting future work with that consultant.

    Specification by example must not be used where components are generic in nature. The specification must allow tenderers to offer alternative component selections that are not less than that specified in terms of quality, finish, appearance, functionality, construction or manufacture, performance, and the like.

    For further information please follow the link.

    Policy 677 - Guide notes to assist in the preparation of the specification preliminaries, or contact BMW at bmwdesign.reviews@finance.wa.gov.au