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    Building Management and Works (BMW) welcomes feedback, suggestions and the opportunity to interact with contractors and industry. For information on our upcoming seminars and the latest in BMW news, please refer to the below.

    'Contracting with BMW' seminars

    BMW holds a free ‘Contracting with BMW’ seminar to present important information to builders on contracting processes, policies and documentation related to the procurement process.

    Our targeted audience is contractors who are involved in, or would like to be involved in, directly tendering for BMW's minor and capital works projects.

    This seminar will help you understand the tendering process and how BMW assesses tendering applications, as well as how contractors are assessed for ‘prequalification’.

    Presented by senior managers from BMW, these information sessions will cover:

    • BMW works procurement policies
    • prequalification of head contractors
    • contractor performance reporting
    • tender request documents
    • tender management process.

    This seminar WILL NOT cover information on:

    • professional consultancy panels.

    Event details:

    The next seminar will be held on Wednesday 17 October from 5pm to 7pm.

    Please click here to register for this event.

    Questions, feedback and complaints

    If you would like to ask a question, provide feedback or make a complaint to BMW, please talk to BMW’s Feedback Officer, who can be contacted by:

    If your complaint or feedback relates to a Department of Housing project access the Department of Housing's complaints or feedback page here.

    If your complaint relates to subcontractors working on a construction project who have not been paid on time, access the Non-payment of subcontractors page.

    Additional contact details are provided here.