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    Building Management and Works (BMW) relies on contractors to perform the job of building non-residential government buildings. When BMW makes procurement decisions, it aims to achieve the best value for money for the State. This supports BMW's overall goal of planning, delivering and managing a property portfolio that provides the most benefit to the Western Australian community. This approach is demonstrated in the way that BMW seeks contractors and consultants to work with, makes decisions around who is offered work, and how contracts are managed.

    Key information for contractors is provided below.

    Qualifying for work

    Qualifying for work landscape

    How BMW assesses financial
    viability and capability of contractors.

    Obtaining work with BMW

    Working with BMW

    Find out if work is available, how BMW approaches the market and how
    BMW evaluates tenders.


    Connect with us

    Contracting with BMW Seminar

    Information on how contractors can interact with BMW, including our free information seminars.

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