• The following information has been superseded by the Supplier Demerit Scheme

    New Contractor Sanctions Scheme

    Building Management and Works (BMW) is implementing a Contractor Sanctions Scheme as part of its strategy for ensuring it works with contractors who have a demonstrated track record in delivering superior project outcomes.

    Under the Scheme, which is effective from 1 October 2015, contractors who fail to meet BMW’s expectations may collect demerit points and, ultimately, be subject to sanction.

    Initially the Scheme will include only one incident that will lead to demerits: the failure to comply with the Government’s new Government Building Training Policy. Under this policy, a contractor must employ a specified proportion of apprentices and trainees in their construction trades workforce, evidenced by the submission of quarterly reports to BMW. Failure to do so will result in a demerit being applied.
    Demerit points will remain on the contractors record for three years. If a contractor accumulates three or more demerits, BMW will consider the circumstances and a sanction will generally be applied.
    Contractors will be notified of BMW’s intention to apply a demerit or sanction, and will be given the right to reply and identify any extenuating circumstances BMW should take into account before the demerit or sanction is applied.
    Once a sanction has been applied contractors can appeal if they can provide evidence that the process wasn’t followed correctly or that BMW has failed to take into account any extenuating circumstances the contractor has raised.
    Over time, the Scheme will be extended to include other instances of poor performance or behaviour that may lead to the issuing of demerits. Further information on these instances will be provided.
    For further information, please contact BMW’s Industry Liaison team on (08) 6551 1984 or BMWindustryliaison@finance.wa.gov.au