• Subconsultant services for BMW projects

    This site is for use by lead consultants appointed by the Department of Finance's BMW to engage subconsultants, such as engineers, building surveyors and other building specialists.

    The Department of Finance has established two subconsultant panels as follows:

    • BMW Engineering and Building Specialists Panel (covers 22 disciplines)

    • BMW Building Certification Services Panel (building surveyors)

    Lead consultants that require the services of subconsultants for BMW projects, may engage engineers, building surveyors and other building specialists by accessing this page. Subconsultants may undertake commissions up to $150,000 fee (GST inclusive) for individual building disciplines.

    Although use of  BMW's Engineering and Building Specialists Panel arrangement for subconsultant engagement is optional, at least one quote needs to be sourced from the panel for the appointment of subconsultants.

    To access these panels, a password is required.  Please use the contact details below if you are experiencing problems logging in.

    How to Login:

    1. Click on the Login button to the left of this screen

    2. Enter Username and Password (case sensitive)

    3. Wait for the page to refresh (you will know the page has refreshed when the 'Login' button changes to read 'Logout')

    4. Once logged in, click here to access the Engineering and Building Specialists panel and the Building Certification Services panel

    For panel enquiries and members' updates, please contact:

    BMW's Procurement Services Unit
    Email Address: BMWProcurementServices@finance.wa.gov.au.
    Telephone Number: (08) 6551 1790

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