• Government Office Accommodation

    On behalf of the Minister for Works (responsible for administering the Public Works Act 1902), the Department of Finance (the Department) works with Western Australian general government agencies (agencies) to provide more efficient, effective and sustainable workplaces, that improve community access and achieve government priorities and objectives.

    The Department is responsible for procuring and managing over 560,000 square metres of government office accommodation with over 470,000 square metres of leased space and 92,000 square metres of space vested with the Minister for Works across 20 buildings.

    The Department aims to provide:

    • value-for-money and sustainable office accommodation
    • appropriate and accessible locations for staff and service delivery
    • work environments that are enjoyed by everyone
    • flexible and adaptable workspaces
    • well maintained and professional accommodation
    • workspaces that enhance strong communication, teamwork and productivity
    • government business improvements through integrated ICT solutions
    • cohesive and professional services to client agencies.

    Key services include:

    • the procurement and management of leases for office accommodation on behalf of Government
    • providing assistance to agencies to optimise their service delivery through office accommodation design and planning
    • working with agencies to deliver value-for-money office accommodation solutions
    • supporting agencies through the relocation and change process
    • managing the occupation of Minister for Works’ Government owned office buildings.

    Government office accommodation policies and standards

    Premier’s Circular 2015/01 Government Office Accommodation Policy directs general government agencies to procure, fit-out, refurbish and manage office accommodation in accordance with the Government Office Accommodation Policy.

    The policy and supporting documents have been updated and PDF copies are available below. Please contact Government Office Accommodation on 6551 2187 or email officeaccommodation@finance.wa.gov.au for further information.

    Government Office Accommodation Policy

    Government Office Accommodation Standards

    Government Office Accommodation Policy Application Guidelines

    The Government Office Accommodation Policy  and Government Office Accommodation Standards apply to all general government agencies as outlined in the State Budget Papers - 2017-18 Budget Paper No.3 Economic and Fiscal Outlook (page 256 to 257).

    The following forms are available for agencies requiring the procurement of office accommodation and fit-out:

    These forms can be tailored to agencies’ requirements by GOA, please email enquiries to: officeaccommodation@finance.wa.gov.au