• Government Office Accommodation Master Planning 2010-12

    Previous government office accommodation processes in which each agency generally decided where and how to accommodate itself were not always delivering the best value outcomes for Government.

    A more strategic approach to planning and a coordinated whole-of-government approach to implementation was needed and in 2010, Cabinet endorsed the principles and objectives of Master Planning for government office accommodation.

    It also approved the new role for the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works in leading the implementation of this approach.

    The Department took the first steps in the decentralisation and consolidation of government office accommodation between 2010 and 2012, working with agencies to relocate almost 5000 public servants from 18 locations and 23 agencies into 80,000 sqm of office accommodation in  Gordon Stephenson House  and the neighbouring  heritage buildings, Optima Centre in Herdsman Park, Albert Facey House,  Dumas House,  Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room and part of 151 Royal Street.