• Maintenance Services Arrangement FAQs

    1. What is the MSA?

    The Maintenance Services Arrangement (MSA) is a contract for the provision of building maintenance services for seven WA Government agencies in the Perth metropolitan area and the Peel region. It replaces the former Service Arranger (SA) contracts on 1 July 2016.

    2. Which Government agencies will receive services under the MSA?

    Maintenance and asset management services will be provided to:

    • Department of Culture and the Arts
    • Department of Education
    • Department of the Attorney General
    • Department of Training and Workforce Development
    • Department of Corrective Services
    • Main Roads Western Australia
    • Department of Fire and Emergency Services

    3. What services are offered under the MSA?

    The MSA offers a range of services and each agency has selected the services specific to their needs. Services include:

    • breakdown repairs
    • routine maintenance
    • property services
    • low value maintenance (under $50,000)
    • projects (over $50,000)
    • site-based personnel (such as electrician, plumber, handy person)
    • strategic maintenance planning and advice.

    4. Who won the MSA contract and how long does it run?

    The Minister for Works, Department of Finance, Building Management and Works (BMW) awarded the MSA to Programmed Facility Management Pty Ltd (Programmed FM) 18 March 2016. The contract will run for an initial period of five years with the potential to run for up to 15 years.

    5. When does the MSA commence?

    The MSA services commence on 1 July 2016, replacing the existing SA contracts held by Spotless and Programmed FM.

    6. What is Programmed FM?

    Programmed FM is part of the Programmed Group which has offices across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, UK, Malta and UAE. Programmed Group is an ASX listed company, with 25,000 employees working daily.

    Programmed FM has provided building maintenance services to the Western Australian Government for 17 years. Additionally, Programmed FM was the first Australian company to receive Asset Management (ISO55001) certification from SAI Global. ISO55001 will underpin Programmed FM’s approach to service delivery under the MSA.

    7. What is the aim of the MSA?

    The principles governing the new arrangement are focused on a fully integrated and holistic approach to service delivery in order to deliver improved value for money with a strong emphasis on contractor performance and accountability.

    The aim can be presented as:

    • a greater focus on service delivery efficiencies and value for money
    • an increased expectation of excellence in service quality
    • a move towards better strategic asset management.

    8. How is the MSA different to the current contract?

    The key advancements between the former SA contracts and the MSA include:

    • collection, collation and reporting on building asset information, allowing for greater analysis of maintenance spend and more informed maintenance planning
    • an innovative and flexible arrangement that is responsive to the changing maintenance requirements of government and market conditions
    • a focus on the delivery of services at a sustainable cost
    • a robust contract performance framework focussed on improving the quality of services. The performance framework incentivises
    • Programmed FM to ensure the responsive and timely delivery of work, resolution of service related issues and to continually seek to improve the time, cost and quality of work
    • a single contractor arrangement that will provide consistency of work undertaken and asset information captured across the seven agencies, while taking advantage of aggregated maintenance spend to obtain better cost outcomes for agencies
    • a maintenance services framework designed to be scalable, which allows agencies to retain ongoing discretion over maintenance spend
    • increased visibility of asset data and individual work orders 24/7 via Programmed FM’s online portal (iKnow)
    • the implementation of a field mobility solution to enable real time tracking of Programmed FM’s subcontractor base in order to drive efficiencies in site attendance, reporting and invoicing
    • the adoption of a recognised project management framework with supporting systems and processes and dedicated resources for the management of projects over $50,000
    • a new One Team approach which focuses on a set of common goals and objectives with well-defined roles and responsibilities for all three parties; Programmed FM, BMW and the seven agencies.

    9. How is the transition period being managed and communicated?

    Through the transition period, 1 April to 30 June 2016, BMW and Programmed FM in partnership with the seven agencies are releasing information through a range of communication outputs and through specific agency meetings.

    Weekly information will be available on BMW’s and Programmed FM’s web pages.

    10. Who do I contact for breakdown repairs?

    New details about specific Agency needs, such as how to lodge a breakdown, are being discussed in upcoming individual agency transition meetings. For agencies currently under the Spotless SA contract, Spotless will continue to provide breakdown repair services until 30 June 2016.

    11. Will subcontractors who attend our agency sites remain the same?

    Programmed FM is in the process of establishing the subcontractor base which will be used to deliver services under the MSA. There will be 27 Request for Tender packages released to the market, covering over 70 trades.

    The current plan is to have subcontracts let by September 2016, although this timeline could change depending on the nature of the tender responses.

    With seven agencies and seven geographical zones to cover, there is likely to be a high number of subcontracts to negotiate. Programmed FM and BMW acknowledge that certain subcontractors have specialist knowledge of either sites or assets. As such, Programmed FM has endeavoured to contact all current subcontractors to ensure they are aware of upcoming opportunities to tender their services.

    12. Will the process for subcontractor attendance on site change?

    Each agency has different processes for subcontractor attendance on site. In general, subcontractors will still be required to contact the nominated site representative, wear or carry identification, sign the site log or visitor book, adhere to other site requirements, when attending a premise to undertake maintenance work.

    13. How will the quality of work performed by subcontractors be managed during the MSA?

    Programmed FM, as part of its quality management regime, is required to perform inspections of the work quality of at least 20 work orders completed during each month, or if less than 20 work orders were completed during a month, then perform inspections on all work orders during that month. The inspection must identify whether any issues or defects were identified in the work performed.

    14. How can I get work done between now and 1 July?

    If there are projects that have not yet been tendered, please contact your BMW program manager as soon as possible to discuss delivery options.

    15. Will previous records and facility information be transferred from Spotless to Programmed FM?

    Yes. As part of the transition out of the SA contracts, BMW is seeking to capture all the relevant records to ensure there is no loss of corporate information. Records currently being requested from Spotless include:

    • financial and transactional date
    • design and documentation
    • manuals, warranties and defects
    • process and procedure
    • project files (such as tender award documents, specifications, terms and conditions)
    • past five years’ service reports, plus full service report history for critical assets.

    16. What happens next and do I need to do anything now?

    • Continue to use Spotless and Programmed FM for your maintenance services.
    • Continue to liaise with the BMW Program Manager for any maintenance matters, specifically in relation to any upcoming or ongoing projects.
    • Advise the BMW Program Manager if you experience a drop in the level of service provided by either Programmed FM or Spotless.
    • Ensure that invoices are submitted by mid June 2016 for payment.

    17. How do I register a breakdown repair, routine maintenance or property service?

    Breakdown repairs can be registered through Programmed FM’s Service Centre (1300 627 991) or dedicated email address (wasc@programmed.com.au). Quick reference sheets are being developed and will be provided to Agency personnel.

    Routine maintenance and property services are identified through each Agency’s Annual Maintenance Plan. The BMW Program Manager, Programmed FM Agency Relationship Manager and Agency representative will develop and agree on the frequency and schedule of routine maintenance and property services for the following year.

    Routine maintenance and property services that have not been identified through your Agency’s Annual Maintenance Plan can be registered through Programmed FM’s iKnow portal and completing an online work order form.

    An online tutorial on how to complete the form will be available on the BMW and Programmed FM web pages later in June.

    18. How do I register low value maintenance (under $50,000) or projects (over $50,000)?

    Both low value maintenance and projects can be registered through the on-line Order Form available in Programmed FM’s iKnow portal. Agencies will be required to complete an online work order form that has a combination of free text fields and pre-populated fields specific to each Agency. The nominated Agency personnel should ensure that they have appropriate authorisation to place an order and the works have been approved funding before registration. Quotes or estimates for low value maintenance and projects are also to be registered using the Order Form.

    The Agency will be notified when the work order has been actioned. Progress updates on the start and completion of the works will be available on the Works in Progress (WIP)reports found in the WIP folder of the iKnow portal.

    An online tutorial on how to complete the form will be available on the BMW and Programmed FM web pages later in June.

    Each Agency has its own iKnow portal website address as follows:

    19. What procurement thresholds will Programmed FM be using to engage subcontractors?

    Programmed FM will initially comply with the State Supply Commission thresholds:

    • Up to $10,000 direct purchase
    • $10,000 to $50,000 – verbal quotations (minimum 2)
    • $50,000 to $250,000 – written quotations (minimum 3)
    • Greater than ≈$250,000 – open public tender

    After a sufficient time has elapsed and with the agreement of BMW, Programmed FM has the option to change the thresholds based on changing market conditions and the performance of subcontractor panel members.

    20. Can I nominate a subcontractor for a particular job?

    Under the MSA, the responsibility for allocation of works and services resides with Programmed FM. This ensures that Programmed FM is delivering value for money, procurement baseline savings, and effective delivery of KPI performance and subcontractor management to BMW and agencies.

    Programmed FM is currently undertaking an open tender process to establish a robust subcontractor network to deliver services across the agencies. There are 27 tenders being released on TendersWA, seeking suitably qualified and experienced subcontractors to undertake the different services across 70 trade categories.

    Programmed FM will assess subcontractors in line with tender evaluation criterion including consideration of demonstrated site specific project experience.

    It is not recommended that a site or Agency nominate a subcontractor as:

    • that subcontractor may not form part of the prequalified panel developed through the new procurement process
    • that subcontractor may not be available to achieve the KPI timeframes
    • that subcontractor may not present best value for money to the client

    21. How will subcontractors be selected for a particular job?

    Through the open tender process to establish a subcontractor network, Programmed FM identifies preferred subcontractors to undertake breakdown repairs, routine maintenance and property services for agencies in seven different geographical zones. This process will also seek to establish a panel of subcontractors for low value maintenance and projects. The list of subcontractors will be available to Programmed FM’s Service Centre when allocating works.

    When engaging subcontractors to undertake low value maintenance (under $50,000) and projects ($50,000 to $250,000), Programmed FM will seek competitive quotes from its subcontractor panel network based on their performance and capacity.

    When engaging subcontractors to undertake projects above $250,000, Programmed FM will seek competitive quotes through an open tender process on TendersWA.

    22. How much information is required to register low value maintenance works (under $50,000) and projects (over $50,000)?

    The online work order form may be all that is required for low value maintenance to proceed. This will depend on the level of works required and the level of detail provided in the form.

    For projects where the scope of work is more complex, a greater amount of information may be required to ensure the specifications are understood. Supporting documentation can be attached to the online work order form. Programmed FM’s project management team will review the request and advise what, if any, extra documentation is required.

    Up-to-date status information regarding the progress of a work order will be available on the Agency Work In Progress (WIP) report found in the WIP folder of the Agency iKnow portal.

    23. If a subcontractor’s mobility device does not work, how can a breakdown repair be progressed?

    Should the subcontractor’s smart mobility device run out of battery power or not work, the subcontractor will complete the work manually and record all work order information on paper. The asset and location barcode information, including the barcode numbers, can also be recorded on paper. The subcontractor can then update all of the information on ProMAP once their ProMAP is working again or via the ProMAP dashboard by the subcontractor administrator.

    As part of the ProMAP training the subcontractors will be advised to work online, in real time, to ensure data integrity and compliance with performance. ProMAP exception reports will be reviewed by Programmed FM to ensure compliance by subcontractors with the ProMAP system.

    24. What happens if I pay for work or equipment to be fixed and then several months later the equipment breaks down or malfunctions again?

    This would generally be covered under warranty and the subcontractor would be required to fix the problem at no cost. The Agency should contact Programmed FM’s Service Centre (1300 627 991) to report the fault.

    One of the advantages of using the Maximo asset management system is the recording of work against individual assets. Maximo will allow the Programmed FM Service Centre to identify when new work orders are still covered under warranty.

    25. What happens when a breakdown repair costs more than $500?

    When a subcontractor attends a job they assess the cost of the breakdown repair. If the cost is under $500 the subcontractor completes the work. If the cost is above $500 the subcontractor is required to contact Programmed FM prior to completing any works. Depending on the approval levels provided by each Agency, Programmed FM will contact the Agency for approval to proceed.

    26. How can customer feedback be provided?

    Customer feedback can be provided through Programmed FM’s iKnow portal, customer feedback option. All customer feedback will be reported and discussed at the monthly Operational and Performance meetings with agencies.

    Alternatively, agencies can raise feedback with their BMW Program Manager, BMW Team Leader or Programmed FM Agency Relationship Manager.

    An online tutorial on how to submit feedback will be available on the BMW and Programmed FM web pages later in June.

    27. How can issues, concerns or disputes with completed work be resolved?

    Whilst it is recognised that there are contractual mechanisms to deal with issues and disputes, the goal of the MSA is to address and resolve all matters at the operational ‘grass roots’ level.

    In the first instance, it is suggested that agencies discuss the issue with the BMW Program Manager or Programmed FM Agency Relationship Manager. The BMW Program Manager or Programmed FM Agency Relationship Manager will work with the Agency to resolve the situation and if necessary discuss the issue at the next operational meeting.

    If it is not resolved, the Agency can formalise or escalate its concerns through Programmed FM’s iKnow portal, customer feedback option. Issues raised through this mechanism will be assigned to a responsible Programmed FM person who will ensure that the issue is resolved in a mutually agreed timeframe through scheduled meetings or by any other means deemed appropriate by the parties. All customer feedback received through this mechanism will be discussed at the monthly Operational and Performance meetings

    28. Who do I contact if I have queries or suggestions regarding transition or general MSA queries?

    Please contact BMW Transition Lead, Samantha Johnston on 6551 1704 or via MSAtransition@finance.wa.gov.au for more information about the MSA.