• Maintenance services

    The Maintenance Services Directorate provides leadership to agencies in the maintenance of their buildings, as well as manages and develop frameworks that coordinate the procurement of maintenance services on a whole of government basis. Services are delivered through a combination of public and private resources statewide.

    Maintenance services include the upkeep, repair or replacement of existing building components or minor works that improve the function, safety and/or the appearance of a building.

    It should be noted that individual agencies are responsible for ensuring that assets under their control are maintained at an appropriate level. To secure appropriate maintenance funding to meet this obligation, the Department of Finance requires agencies to have a Strategic Asset Plan that includes a Maintenance Plan. These plans are required annually and are an integral part of determining the level of funding allocated to agencies for maintenance.

    Maintenance services

    Asbestos management

    Breakdown repair service

    Clients of BMW Maintenance Services can request a breakdown repair by ringing the Maintenance Call Centre on 132 134.

    Building Maintenance Logbook

    Maintenance Minimisation Manual

    The Maintenance Minimisation Manual outlines design guidelines intended to reduce building maintenance requirements, with an emphasis on sustainable building design. PDF and MS Word versions of this document are available on the BMW Publications page.

    Simple works

    In October 2016, the Minister for Education announced that Independent Public Schools (IPS) would have greater control and flexibility over their maintenance works. The Department of Education has engaged the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works (BMW) to assist with implementing this initiative.

    IPS now have the opportunity to work directly within BMW’s contracting framework to undertake low risk, low value works up to $10,000.

    To help you understand how to take advantage of this opportunity, BMW has produced the following guides:
    Simple Works Process - Your Step By Step Guide
    Simple Works Process - flow chart
    Department of Education Simple Works Items List
    Simple Works Request Form

    Maintenance Services Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract

    These Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract will form the basis of upcoming routine maintenance contracts. Potential contractors should review this document before submitting an offer.