• Maintenance Services: Services

    Maintenance Services offers a range of maintenance services to government agencies in Western Australia, as outlined below.

    1. Strategic maintenance planning

    Maintenance Services can assist agencies develop strategic maintenance plans including:

    • an evaluation of historic maintenance expenditure
    • an assessment of the deferred maintenance need using the Building Condition Assessment report and associated tools
    • an assessment of the agency's portfolio age profile to determine the historic life cycle costing profile
    • determining the acceptable level of deferred maintenance based on risk assessment
    • an assessment of the maintenance funding implications of proposed asset disposals and acquisitions
    • the preparation of a ten-year plan for recurrent and capital funded maintenance.

    Preparation of the Strategic Maintenance Plan provides the foundation for maintenance programs.

    2. Program management

    Program management involves concerted planning between maintenance program managers and agencies to agree an annual maintenance program. Each program defines a series of projects with respective estimates of funding. Once agreed, the maintenance program is allocated to a service arranger who takes responsibility for project delivery. Agencies can choose to engage with an internal or external service arranger. Service arrangers scope each maintenance project, procure appropriate labour to complete the work and manage its delivery. Regular reporting is provided to agencies to enable the management of the program within agreed budget and time constraints.

    3. Building relocation services

    Building relocation services forms part of a specialist project delivery service offered by Maintenance Services. Building relocation staff arrange the transport of temporary buildings statewide including connection to services (power, water, sewer) and building refurbishment.

    4. Contract development and management

    Maintenance Services develops and manages a suite of procurement frameworks that allows agencies access to service arrangers or trade contractors who undertake maintenance work. This area also monitors the performance of contractors engaged for maintenance works.

    5. Building management services

    Building management services are provided to agencies which reside in large, complex buildings such as multi-storey offices or educational campuses. Dedicated staff co-located on the agency site monitor and manage the day-to-day operation of the building, provide a point of contact for occupants to report maintenance concerns, and coordinate any onsite maintenance activities including the management of breakdown repairs.

    6. Breakdown repair service

    A 24/7 breakdown repair service can be accessed through a call centre network on 132 134, which lodges requests for repairs to pre-qualified contractors. The breakdown repair service provides a comprehensive range of services that maintains all aspects of buildings.