• Sunset Heritage Precinct Open

    On 27 November 2016 the Sunset Heritage Precinct was opened to the public, including picnic areas, nature playground and the Padbury View of the Swan River.

    In October 2013 the State Government announced the Sunset Transformation Strategy outlining a staged restoration of the 8.2ha former hospital site in Dalkeith, which has essentially been vacant since its decommissioning in 1995.

    The transformation strategy will guide the development of the site. The significant heritage buildings will be retained and progressively restored for arts, cultural, community and ancillary commercial purposes.

    Welcome to Sunset brochure (PDF 800kB)

    Sunset Heritage Precicnt pavilion
    Officially opening the Sunset Heritage Precinct to the public on 27 November 2016:
    Finance Minister Sean L'Estrange, Heritage Minister Albert Jacob, and Premier Colin Barnett.