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    1. The PSB was amended on the 12th of JULY 2019. Documents affected are indicated in the Revision Register.
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    The Primary School Brief (PSB) and the Secondary School Planning Guide (SSPG) are intended to be living documents reflecting the changing needs and requirements of the Department of Education. These will be subject to periodical review and it is therefore necessary to refer to the website to ensure that the most recent updates are referenced. Revision dates are noted in the footer of each page. It is not intended to send broadcasts as they occur. The onus is on users to check that they obtain the latest version.

    National Construction Code and Building Code of Australia

    The applicable building legislation for compliance reference is the National Construction Code; Building Code of Australia Volume 1 2013.

    There are numerous acronym references to building legislation in various sections of the PSB & SSPG and may include limited definitions such as NCC or BCA. In all circumstances and notwithstanding any descriptions or acronyms, the legislative design Code is the National Construction Code (NCC); Building Code of Australia vol.1 2013 (BCA).