• Procurement Documentation - September 2005

    Under the State Records Act 2000, a state record is defined as any record of information (in any form) created, received or maintained by a government organisation or parliamentary department in the course of conducting its business activities. This includes copies or signed scanned records associated with purchasing and contracting such as:

    • business case;
    • procurement plan;
    • newspaper advertising;
    • screen print of the advertisement on the WA Government Contracting Information Bulletin Board;
    • request document;
    • addendum;
    • potential bidders list;
    • bids;
    • recommendation report,
    • letter of engagement;
    • unsuccessful letters;
    • screen print of the publication of award details on the WA Government Contracting Information Bulletin Board; and
    • contract management plan.

    All public authorities under the State Records Act 2000, are required to create and implement a record-keeping plan. The record-keeping plan must set out:

    • the matters about which records an organisation will create;
    • how those records are to be managed in the context of the organisation's functions; and
    • for how long records are to be kept.

    Procurement documentation is required to be maintained in accordance with approved record-keeping plans. This will provide effective means of accountability and ensure that information is readily identifiable and available on request.

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    Published date: 01 September 2005