• New Supply Policies - December 2007

    The State Supply Commission (SSC) Board has recently endorsed a new set of supply policies, which will be effective from 1 January 2008.

    The new framework represents the next important phase of the procurement reform program by focussing the SSC on its policy, regulatory and review functions, whilst providing Accountable Authorities with increased responsibility and flexibility.

    The SSC will now be completely independent from agency procurement decision-making processes - it will no longer provide policy exemptions, endorsements or approvals for procurement related matters. Accountable Authorities have been given substantially increased authority to approve exemptions from policy and to exercise their discretion in a range of areas. The policies have also been amended to update purchasing thresholds, delete obsolete requirements and update some terminology. Where possible, low level operational processes and requirements have been removed from mandatory policy.

    Accountable Authorities will now have the authority to approve exemptions from public tender in circumstances as outlined in the Open and Effective Competition policy. This authority needs to be exercised extremely cautiously and the reasons justified and approved at a senior level. It is recommended that any delegation of this authority should only be to executive level. Advice should also be sought from officers of Government Procurement, Department of Treasury and Finance, before proceeding with granting an approval for exemption.

    An overview of the supply policy changes and the new supply policies will be available on the SSC website on 31 December 2007.

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    Published date: 01 December 2007