• Amendment to the Buy Local Policy - (January 2016)

    The Western Australian Government is committed to maximising supply opportunities for competitive local Western Australian businesses when bidding for State government contracts. The Buy Local Policy is an expression of this commitment.

    In January 2016, the Buy Local Policy (the Policy) was amended to better ensure the inclusion of the regional price preferences where, in the final analysis of a tender process, only Western Australian bids are being directly compared.

    In order to promote consistent application of this amendment, the following is guidance on when to exclude bids from the final analysis.

    Bids that have been excluded:

    • because they were received late or did not contain sufficient information;
    • after the application of any prequalification or participation criteria;
    • after the application of the discretion to exclude bids that do not properly address any compliance and disclosure requirements; and
    • from shortlist, where a short-listing process has been used to determine value for money

    will not form part of the final analysis.

    For works procurement activities where price is the only factor , those responses clearly beyond the norm on price will be excluded from the final analysis.

    The addendum should be reflected in any tender advertised after 12 February 2016. Please ensure your tender documentation clearly provides for the circumstances when preferences will be applied.

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    PDFBuy Local Policy Addendum (January 2016)

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    PDF2016 January Buyer Alert - Amendment to the Buy Local Policy

    Published date: 12 January 2016