⇩  How can I find out more about the Department?

    ⇩  Does the Department only look for Finance students?

    ⇩  I graduated in 2018 can I still apply?

    ⇩  Do I need to complete an Honours or Masters degree to apply for the graduate program?

    ⇩  What academic average do you look for?

    ⇩  Does the Department employ overseas students?

    ⇩  Does the Department recruit mature-aged students?

    ⇩  How do I apply for the graduate program?

    ⇩  When do applications open?

    ⇩  What documentation do I need to provide?

    ⇩  What is the preferred method of lodging the application?

    ⇩  I don’t have all the requested paperwork, can I still apply?

    ⇩  What does the selection process consist of?

    ⇩  Do I need to attend stages 3 and 4 in person?

    ⇩  Will you pay for flights/accommodation to attend stages 3 and 4 of the selection process?

    ⇩  When will I be notified of the outcome?

    ⇩  When does the program commence?

    ⇩  What is the starting salary?

    ⇩  Where would I be working?