• About Economic Reform

    The Economic Reform business unit, in the Department of Finance, aims to drive best regulatory practice, and be a leading catalyst for regulatory reform and red tape reduction.  In doing so, we strive to reduce barriers to entrepreneurial activity, employment and investment across Western Australia.

    We are guided by Western Australia's Plan to Reinvigorate Regulatory Reform in Western Australia.  The Plan has the following main elements:

    • progressive deregulation
    • reducing red tape
    • refining Western Australia's Regulatory Impact Assessment Program
    • Repeal Week

    We seek to do this in a collaborative and consultative manner, striving to improve outcomes for business, community and government.

    The former Government has released its Regulatory Reform Policy Statement to support the Plan.

    The Economic Reform business unit works seamlessly across three teams:

    Economic Reform offers the following services:

    • Working with agencies to identify, quantify and reduce red tape.
    • Ensuring quality Regulatory Impact Assessment and assisting agencies across government to achieve best regulatory practice through advice, training and ongoing support.
    • Supporting agencies identify, analyse and advance regulatory and economic reform.
    • Providing support and advice to the Minister and senior executives in the Department of Finance on regulatory and economic issues.
    • Investigating and responding to Competitive Neutrality Complaints.
    • Undertaking analysis, including specific reviews, to shape regulatory and economic reform.