• Regulatory Reform Team

    The Regulatory Reform team in the Department of Finance works to raise living standards in Western Australia by improving the outcomes regulation delivers to the community and reducing its costs. The Government is reforming regulation and reducing barriers to entrepreneurial activity to support employment and encourage investment. This work includes removing unnecessary regulation and ensuring both existing and new regulation delivers the best outcome at the lowest cost to society. Improving existing regulation is an integral part of Western Australia's Plan to Reinvigorate Regulatory Reform.

    The Regulatory Reform team works with government agencies to identify deregulation and microeconomic reform opportunities, and help co-ordinate reform efforts across government. As part of our customer service offering, the Regulatory Reform team:

    • Works with government agencies when they consider reform proposals put forward by government, private review bodies or public forums.
    • Assists government agencies in developing and implementing their own economic or other regulatory reforms.
    • Advises government agencies on State and National competition policy and how to make the most of competitive incentives.
    • Investigates concerns business may have if government bodies compete unfairly in the market, via a Competitive Neutrality Complaints mechanism.