• #ShredTheRed

    Government releases Regulatory Reform Policy

    The former Government has released the Regulatory Reform Policy Statement to promote a whole-of-government approach to drive innovation, and reduce barriers to entrepreneurial activity, productivity, investment and employment. A central element of the policy and Plan for Reinvigorating Regulatory Reform is to reduce red tape. By reducing red tape, the Government will reduce:

    • unnecessary delays and avoidable costs.
    • duplication of regulatory or compliance requirements across different Government agencies.
    • excessive compliance burden, especially for low risk applications and approvals.

    The Plan for Reinvigorating Regulatory Reform will also focus on:

    • progressively deregulating areas where regulatory intervention has become unnecessary, or where starting and investing in a business is overly restricted.
    • refining Western Australia's Regulatory Impact Assessment program to drive better regulatory outcomes and minimise red tape from new regulation.
    • consolidating and communicating whole–of–government successes through Repeal Week.

    The former Minister for Finance led the Government’s whole-of-government reform efforts, and Economic Reform in the Department of Finance has worked with other agencies to deliver the plan.


    Read the Regulatory Reform Policy and find out more about the Plan.

    Affected by red tape? If you would like to make a red tape complaint or recommendation, please submit a comment here.

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