• Aboriginal Business Initiative

    The State Government’s Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy provides a framework for the State Government’s investment in Aboriginal economic participation. The Strategy is structured around five foundation themes: respond to Aboriginal aspirations, unlock the potential, grow economic participation, create sustainable wealth and work in partnership.

    In recognition of this strategy and the potential for government procurement to help grow economic participation through the support of sustainable businesses and creating jobs for Aboriginal people, amendments have been made to the State Supply Commission’s Open and Effective Competition policy, which, allows agencies to engage a registered Aboriginal business directly, without undertaking a competitive process for contracts under $250,000 in value. Contracts in excess of $250,000 can also be directly purchased where a public authoritys’ Accountable Authority approval has been granted.

    Purchasing from an Aboriginal business

    Where there is an opportunity to procure from a registered Aboriginal business and the value of the purchase does not exceed $250,000; then a public authority may procure directly from those businesses without complying with the minimum requirements. 

    A public authority's Accountable Authority may approve undertaking a procurement in excess of $250,000 directly from a registered Aboriginal business, if it considers that circumstances exist to support the procurement being undertaken.

    Please note, to further streamline the process, it is no longer required to request advice or approval from the Department of Finance, regardless of value, when seeking an exemption from the minimum requirements of the Open and Effective Competition Policy and the use of mandatory Common Use Arrangements.

    What is an Aboriginal business?

    There are more than 450 registered Aboriginal businesses in Western Australia and the number is growing. A registered Aboriginal business is at least 50 per cent owned by Aboriginal people and is listed on the Aboriginal Business Directory WA. This is a web based directory aimed at making it easier for people to connect with registered Aboriginal businesses.

    As part of government's commitment to the Aboriginal business initiative, it has created a liaison team at Government Procurement. The Social Procurement Initiatives team can give you information and help with the practicalities of procuring from a registered Aboriginal business visit the ABDWA website. The Aboriginal business sector: goods and services on offer also provides an overview.

    For more information, contact spi@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Buyers - what's next?

    How To Buy from an Aboriginal Business will step you through the process of buying from an Aboriginal Business, or go to Guidelines on Engaging Aboriginal Businesses.

    Suppliers - what's next?

    If you are an Aboriginal business and wish to know more about supplying goods or services to government
    agencies, visit the Aboriginal businesses page.