• Whole of Government Services

    This directorate is responsible for management and development of procurement solutions utilised across the public sector.

    Three areas make up this directorate:

    • Common Use Arrangements
    • Government Solutions
    • System Support and Analysis

    Common Use Arrangements

    Develops and manages Common Use Arrangements (CUAs). CUAs are whole of government standing offers awarded to a single supplier or panel of suppliers to provide competitively priced goods or services commonly purchased by government agencies.

    CUA contract enable buyers and suppliers to connect and ensure that CUAs run smoothly, changes are communicated clearly and expectations are met.

    Contract developers work closely with agency representatives and industry experts to create CUAs that meet the needs of most public sector buyers and they ensure CUAs accommodate future environmental and technological advances that may occur over the life of contract.

    Government Solutions

    Government Procurement delivers whole of government arrangements in the areas of government motor vehicles and government computer networks.

    State Fleet

    State Fleet provides the Western Australian public service with passenger and light commercial vehicles.

    With over 10,000 vehicles under lease arrangements, the unit is responsible for Government fleet policy, fleet finance (buying and selling), agency liaison and training, and the development and management of whole of government contracts for the Acquisition of Vehicles and for Fleet Services (Fleet Management and Disposal via auction).

    Online Solutions

    The Online Solutions unit delivers internet services solutions to government agencies, and supports the government office accommodation strategy in the areas of secure (IP) telephone and data networks, video conferencing and Wi-Fi services to a number of government tenanted buildings.

    System Support and Analysis

    Procurement Systems

    Procurement Systems delivers and maintains government systems such as Tenders WA, Contracts WA and their associated inclusions, that enable government agencies to publicly tender their procurement needs and manage contracts.

    Business Analysis

    Business Analysis undertakes data analysis and provides whole of government and agency analytics and reporting.