• Contract Management Capability Building Initiative

    Government  is focused on savings and improved outcomes through good practice contract management.

    The Department of Finance leads on improving contract management capability across the public sector and has established the Contract Management Interdepartmental Steering Group (CMISG).

    The Steering Group brings together representatives from across the public sector to to identify and implement initiatives for effective contract management practices.
    Two sub-committees support the initiative:

    • Governance and Strategy Sub-committee – supports the strategic value and oversight of the contract management function within agencies
    • Functional Contract Management Sub-committee – supports the operation of the contract management function within agencies

    The Department of Finance with the CMISG have also developed a WA Contract Management Framework with supporting Principles that are designed to strengthen good practice contract management within the public sector.

    Western Australian Contract Management Framework Principles

    Western Australian Contract Management Framework Principles PDF

    The Western Australian Contract Management Framework Principles sit at the heart of the framework and distinguish the different roles agencies and contract managers play when managing government contracts.

    There are five key areas of focus:


    The technical expertise, competencies and experience within the agency are appropriate to perform the contract management function effectively.


    The Internal controls and systems that support strong contract management, manage risks and  complies with internal and external policies.


    Suitable tools, guiding resources and defined processes for  consistent application of good practice contract management.   


    Ensuring the approach to contract management aligns with agency and wider Government objectives.  


    Evaluating and actively managing contract performance to deliver value for money outcomes to the Western Australian community.

    The Principles are accessible through the image below :

    Contract management training suite

    A new contract management training suite has been developed to assist contract managers in developing their capability:

    1. Introduction to Contract Management in the WA Public Sector  –  five online modules which cover the fundamentals for contract managers . They are designed for people new to a contract management role or those who only manage contracts as part of their role.
    2. Contract Management Essentials  – This is a one-day face-to-face workshop providing a detailed look at contract management. The workshop is for managers of low value/low risk contracts, or those new to a contract management role who need to develop their capability. 
    3. Contract Management and Finalisation – This workshop is for those who manage high value/high risk contracts or manage contract management teams. This two-day face-to-face workshop is part of the accredited Procurement and Contracting Vocational Program (PCVP), and can be undertaken as a stand alone module or as part of the overarching program. These workshops will be launched late in 2019, so please contact the Procurement Capability and Development team to express your interest.

    To access the online modules or book into a Contract Management Essentials workshop visit the Public sector training program page. 

    Contract management tools and resources

    Contract management plan for low value/low risk contracts - this simple template can be used by contract managers to collate  important contract information and plan how they are going to manage the contract.

    The Department of Finance is reviewing the tools and resources available to contract managers.

    For more contract management resources and tools visit the I manage a contract - Resources page on the Department of Finance website.

    What’s next for contract management?

    As part of the WACMF, the Department of Finance is working on a number of initiatives including:

    • a capability  self-assessment tool for contract managers
    • an agency contract management capability benchmarking assessment 
    • asample executive metrics for contract management
    • a Value/Risk Matrix to assist in the categorisation of contracts
    • various other tools and resources to assist contract managers and agencies in the management of government contracts

    Further information will be published here as each of the initiatives are released.

    Further information

    For any queries, ideas or feedback on contract management, including the tools and resources, contact Finance’s Procurement Capability and Development team – proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au.