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    To access the online learning module:

    1. Click the 'Login here' link below and login using these details

    • Username: financewa
    • Password: training

    2. Under the Training Modules heading click 'Tenders WA - Suppliers'

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    If you have any difficulties completing the eLearning module or require further assistance, please contact Procurement Systems on (08) 6551 2020 or via email procurementsystems@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Online modules – Important information

    Due to a change in providers, the online modules will be unavailable as of 12pm, 14 December 2018. We aim to have these modules available again in February 2019.

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    Tenders WA - Suppliers

    The Tenders WA - Suppliers eLearning module is a free self-paced online learning module that can be paused and revisited at any time and will introduce you, as a supplier, to the key features of Tenders WA, including:

    • How to register and log in
    • How to edit your personal and business details
    • How to download Request opportunities
    • How to obtain and respond to Request documentation
    • Search for and view awarded contracts
    • Where to get help

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