• Private sector training program Training for the private sector

    Government Procurement offers training for suppliers of goods and services in procurement to government.

    For training related to building and works tendering, please refer to the Building Management and Works website.

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    06 December 2018

    Gateway Reviewer training

    Available for private sector senior executives and project managers. Share your knowledge and contribute to government project outcomes by becoming a Gateway reviewer.

    19 February 2019

    New to Quotes and Tenders

    Held on a regular basis, this seminar is free of charge. It explains the quoting and tendering process for the supply of goods and services to the Western Australian Government.

    See web page for metro and regional sessions

    Aboriginal business training

    Theses education session will provide key information on the new Aboriginal Procurement Policy and explain the procurement process and relevant policies, how to submit quotes and tenders, how bids are evaluated, and hints and tips for working with government.


    Online modules – Important information

    Due to a change in providers, the online modules will be unavailable as of 12pm, 14 December 2018. We aim to have these modules available again in February 2019.


    Online Learning modules

    Tenders WA eLearning module (for Suppliers)

    Available to Suppliers, a free self-paced online learning module introducing you to the key features of Tenders WA.