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    The Procurement Vocational Program (PVP) is an accredited vocational training program for public sector officers.

    It consist of four modules including: Procurement Planning, The Tender Process, Negotiations and Contract Management. Each module can be undertaken independently or together they build towards a Diploma of Procurement and Contracting.

    Modules focus on particular aspects of procurement including:

    • Procurement Planning.
    • The Tender Process.
    • Contract Management.
    • Contract Negotiations. 

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     PVP will:

    • Deliver high quality procurement training customised for the WA Government.
    • Provide career development opportunities for public sector procurement practitioners.
    • Promote the Government's strategic procurement objective of delivering value for money procurement outcomes to Government through well trained practitioners.

     PVP for individuals:

    Designed and delivered around a series of individual stand-alone modules, PVP provides:

    • An end to end accredited procurement training 'program' with an internationally recognised qualification, or
    • Specific modules that can be undertaken to meet specific procurement or contracting training needs.

     PVP for agencies:

    Agencies are able to utilise the PVP for their needs, by sending individuals to publicly offered modules or by making a 'group booking' for one or more modules.

    Group bookings require a minimum of 10 participants and can be held at a venue convenient to the agency. Please contact the Procurement Capability and Development Team to discuss this option.

     Qualification and Accreditation:  

    Modules 1 – 4 of the PVP are all competency-based training modules accredited against units under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). This means successful completion of these modules and their assessments will gain participants Statements of Attainment and build credit toward a Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) qualification. Participants completing the components of an additional fifth module (through distance learning or recognised prior learning) will be eligible for the Diploma.

     internal website Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) qualification

    Program structure and registration

    Please note: Payment for the Procurement Vocational Program is through credit card payment.

    Department of Finance staff interested in attending any PVP session should contact the Procurement Capability and Development Team to enrol.

    The below modules are open for registration. If you wish to complete the entire PVP, make sure to register for each individual module.

    Please note that assessment at the end of each module is optional, and when completed, builds credit toward a Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) qualification.


    Most training takes place at:
    Optima B
    Training Rooms (Ground floor)
    16 Parkland Road
    Osborne Park WA 6016

    Optional Assessments

    All four modules have an optional assessment component. For those wishing to enrol in the assessment up front, please complete the Assessment Enrolment Form.

    Module 1: Procurement Planning and Procurement Framework

    This module covers the legislative and policy framework for procurement in the WA public sector and establishes the elements central to procurement planning for WA public sector officers. The procurement planning component includes interpretation of procurement requirements, identifying and managing risk, planning procurement activities, specifying the requirement, and developing a procurement plan.

    Course dates: Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 March 2017

    Module 2: The Tender Process

    This module covers the process of approaching the market with tender requests and offers. It includes the principles of probity in procurement practice, market approaches for offers, the receipt, selection and evaluation of offers and the management of the distribution and receipt of offers. The module concludes with the processes in the selection of preferred providers and accountability and transparency in decision making.

    Course dates: Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 01 June 2017

    Module 3: Contract Negotiations

    This module covers the negotiation of strategic procurement agreements within established guidelines, policies and procedures. These include: planning and preparation for negotiation, undertaking negotiations and the finalisation of the negotiated outcome.

    Course dates: Monday 07 to Thursday 10 August 2017

    Module 4: Contract Management

    This module covers the contract management process from the establishment of the contract to the implementation of strategies that ensure effective contract performance and finalisation processes for contracts.

    Course dates: Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October 2017

    Module 5: Working in Government

    This module is designed to enable students to undertake the non-procurement specific requirement for the Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) qualification.

    The two-day workshop will consist of small group work, individual and group presentations and the completion of some assessments within each of the five units of competency.  By undertaking this workshop participants will complete at least 30% of the assessment requirements for module five in the classroom, the remainder via distance learning.


    AQF Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting)

    To complete the necessary requirements to gain the Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting), participants need to complete the assessment components of modules 1-5. Upon successful completion of all five modules, participants will be issued their qualifications.

    Please note: Participants who completed their assessments for modules 1 and 2 prior to 1 January 2014, will need to contact the Procurement Capability and Development Team for information about updating their assessments to align with this qualification.


    To register for any of the above Modules; please complete the 2017 UNE registration form and return it to UNE Partnerships.


    To discuss booking an in-house course or for enquiries about enrolments for a seat on a public course please contact UNE Partnerships on (02) 6773 0000.

    For other queries please contact the Procurement Capability and Development Team by email or on (08) 6551 1300.


    For staff attached to regional agencies, please indicate your interest in information or regional training sessions and opportunities by email: regionalprocurement@finance.wa.gov.au .