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    In addition to the provision of training programs to the Western Australian public sector, Government Procurement provide resources to support agencies build the procurement capability of their staff and agency.

    Procurement Competency Matrix

    The Procurement Competency Matrix (PCM) is intended to be used to assist with the alignment of sector-wide strategies for the procurement workforce and succession planning, staff attraction and retention, capability development, and performance management.

    The PCM identifies and defines the technical procurement competencies required by procurement professionals in the WA public sector.
    It seeks to:

    • promote a shared understanding of roles, responsibilities and performance expectations of procurement positions;
    • provide consistent capability standards for the professional procurement function across the WA public sector; and
    • support managers and staff by providing defined pathways to address capability gaps across teams or individuals.

    The PCM is co-branded with the Public Sector Commission (PSC) and was developed in conjunction with agencies across the Western Australian public sector.

    Acrobat icon  PDF Procurement Competency Matrix

    Chief Procurement Officer Success Profile

    The Profile is a tool for identifying some of the key expectations, accountabilities and suggested experiences necessary for CPOs to be a key strategic partner and enabler of business outcomes.

    The CPO Success Profile establishes a common understanding and language within and across the Western Australian public sector.

    The CPO Success Profile is supported by Guidelines for Measuring the Success Profile of CPOs.

    These guidelines have been developed to determine a CPO’s impact on the procurement function, and agency and sector-wide business outcomes.

    Contract Management Framework

    Government Procurement have initiated a significant piece of work to develop a Contract Management Framework to support best practice in contract management across the Western Australian public sector. 

    An inter-departmental steering group will help guide the development of the Contract Management Framework.

    The Contract Management Framework and any associated resources will be published as they are developed and endorsed by the inter-departmental steering group.

    For any queries about the content of this web page or Government Procurement’s suite of education and training services, please email proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au.