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    Government Procurement undertakes extensive engagement with our stakeholders to ensure capability initiatives and training programs are effective in developing procurement capability across the Western Australian public sector. If you would like to contribute any suggestions on building Western Australia’s procurement capability, please email your suggestions to proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au for consideration.

    For any queries about the content of this web page or Government Procurement’s suite of education and training services, please email proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Agency Procurement Management forum

    The APM forum has been established to provide key procurement officers in government agencies with an opportunity to network and to collaborate on issues related to the strategic procurement of goods and services.

    Capability Needs Analysis - Sector survey

    In addition to other sources of information, Government Procurement has established an annual Capability Needs Analysis which is deployed through a sector survey to APM forum members as a mechanism for collecting procurement capability development needs. The sector survey is deployed toward the end of each year with findings contributing to the following calendar year procurement capability initiatives.

    Procurement Capability Framework Steering Group

    Government Procurement has established the internal PCFSG to provide oversight for identifying and prioritising procurement capability initiatives that will support effective procurement practice across the Western Australian public sector.

    Contract Management Framework

    Government Procurement have initiated a significant piece of work to develop a Contract Management Framework to support best practice in contract management across the Western Australian public sector. 

    An inter-departmental steering group will help guide the development of the Contract Management Framework.

    The Contract Management Framework and any associated resources will be published as they are developed and endorsed by the inter-departmental steering group.