• Cyber Security Policy

    Policy Direction for WA Government Agencies

    A Cyber Security policy is currently being developed by the OGCIO and is expected to be endorsed by Cabinet in November 2015.  Currently the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2010-05 16 April 2014 Computer Information and Internet Security sets out the guidelines as directed by Cabinet whereby:

    1. The Director General/Chief Executive Officer of each agency is responsible for ensuring their agency implements an appropriate level of information and Internet security.
    2. Agencies must undertake a periodic assessment of risks to determine what level of information and Internet security is appropriate. This assessment must use a risk management approach that takes account of the Australian and International Standards for information security management, business needs and the risks faced.
    3. Where an agency determines a business need to implement an ISMS then relevant Australian and International standards must be used.

    For more information contact Cyber Security.