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    Community Services Intelligence (CSI)

    Program description

    This short series of four programs will review the benefits and challenges of service agreements (contracts) for community services. These programs are for not-for-profit providers of community services to WA Government and government officers buying community services.

    Topics include:

    • Introduction to the delivering community services in partnership policy: what does it mean for you?
    • Understanding community services tenders: what is a tender and how are they evaluated?
    • Tendering for outcomes: what are community outcomes and why are they important to you?


    Video Topics

    Introduction to the Delivery Community Services in Partnership Policy

    Introduction to the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy

    Avril and Heather explain the recent changes to the way State Government agencies contract with the Not-For-Profit sector to provide community services. The program explains the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy, the principles and role of the Partnership Forum; and how the Funding and Contracting Services people at WA Department of Finance can help you.

    Understanding Community Services Tenders

    Understanding Community Services Tenders

    Nic and Phuong walk you through the tendering and evaluation process and explain how WA government Service Agreements are awarded.

    Tendering for outcomes

    Tendering for outcomes

    Tim and James discuss Community Outcomes, how they are included in Service Agreements and why they are important to you.

    Live Question and Answer session

    Question and Answer session

    Need help?

    For general enquiries about the videos or topics above, email FundingandContracting@finance.wa.gov.au