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    New to Quotes and Tenders - Goods and Services Procurement Seminar

    New to Quotes and Tenders is a free seminar that benefits businesses that are new to quoting and tendering for government processes, as well as providing current suppliers with further information.

    This session relates to goods and services procurement only. Works procurement and community service procurement are covered by different business areas of the Department of Finance.

    Building Management and Works, a business unit of Finance, look after works procurement and have their own training. For more information go to Building Management and Works Contractor Information.

    Government Procurement’s Funding and Contracting Services team supports community service procurement.  Regular training sessions are also held for community service procurement.

    If you are unsure if this session on goods and services procurement is appropriate for your business, please email Procurement Education for clarification.

    Presented by senior government procurement managers, this seminar covers:

    • Quote and tender request documentation for goods and services; 
    • Government policies such as Buy Local and Value for Money;
    • Common selection criteria;
    • The evaluation process for quotes and tenders; and 
    • Where to access information and further assistance.

    Session Details

     Date  Location

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    Tuesday 12 June 2018
    2:00pm to 4:00pm
    City West Receptions,
    45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth, WA, 6005
    Register here for the Suppliers New to Quotes and Tenders 12 June 2018 seminar


    Community Sector Organisations might benefit from attending sessions delivered by the Department of Finance’s Funding and Contracting Services unit which delivers sessions targeted to the Community Sector on the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy. For more information on these sessions please go to the Funding and Contracting Services webpage.

    eLearning Module (for Suppliers)

    The Tenders WA - Suppliers eLearning module is a free self-paced online learning module introducing you to the key features of Tenders WA. Go the Tenders WA training page for more information.

    For any queries about the above sessions please email proceducation@finance.wa.gov.au.