• State Fleet

    State Fleet facilitates the purchase, servicing and disposal of vehicles for the Western Australian Government.

    It finances government vehicles on behalf of agencies, then leases these vehicles back to agencies for a monthly fee. Once at the agency, cars are serviced by contracted fleet management companies. At the end of their lease, cars are disposed of through contracted auction houses.

    State Fleet is committed to maintaining a fleet that has the highest standards of vehicle safety and a minimal impact on the environment.

    New Agency Fleet Coordinator Induction Checklist

    This checklist highlights items for consideration for the induction of new Fleet Coordinators or staff in similar roles within an agency.

    PDF (opens in new window) New Coordinator Induction Checklist.


    State Fleet develops, maintains and manages Common Use Arrangements (CUAs) for use by agencies. The two fleet CUAs and their resources are available on the ContractsWA website and are listed below:

    Approved CUA users can log in to the eDA to access information about the vehicles on contract. If you don't  have access, register with procurementsystems@finance.wa.gov.au.

    PDF Approved CUA Users List


    State Fleet provides funding through leases to agencies who wish to acquire vehicles using CUA 37804. For more information, the lease agreement can be found below:

    PDF State Fleet General Agreement

    Agencies wishing to change the lease terms during the life of the vehicle can view the potential impact to the lease by using the Lease Restructure Calculator.

    external website  Lease Restructure Calculator


    State Fleet Policy Changes

    As part of the 2017-18 State Budget, the Department of Finance undertook a review of the state vehicle fleet.  The review focused on analysing the cost drivers and policy levers that could reduce agency expenditure and the overall cost of the fleet.  The review identified that savings of up to $49 million over the forward estimates could be achieved through a range of policy and procurement initiatives.

    The Department of Finance is writing to agency CEOs, Chief Finance Officers and Fleet Coordinators to announce these initiatives.

    PDF WA Government Fleet Policy and Guidelines (Revised September 2017)

    PDF State Fleet General Agreement

    PDF State Fleet GVS and SOVS Contribution Rates

    PDF Summary of the Initiatives

    Agencies requiring briefings should contact State Fleet by email: StateFleet@finance.wa.gov.au or by phone on 6551 1449.

    Copies of Salaries and Allowances Tribunal (SAT) determinations relating to motor vehicle allowances, can be found on the website http://www.sat.wa.gov.au/Pages/Default.aspx.


    For more information contact State Fleet by email: StateFleet@finance.wa.gov.au or by phone on 6551 1449.