• Website Governance Framework FAQs

    Website reporting questions

    What is considered a website for the purposes of reporting under the Framework?

    Agencies are required to report on each of their public facing websites.

    For the purpose of reporting under the Framework, websites refer to public facing websites that were created and/or re-developed during or before a particular financial year and were active* for part or all of that financial year; and can be defined as:

    • a logical set of interconnected web pages for a particular purpose. The website usually includes a homepage, is generally located on the same server, and is prepared and maintained as a collection of information by an autonomous organisation or group within an organisation (definition from the free dictionary).
    • a set of interconnected web pages with a different navigation and page structure to that of the main website

    * Operational and is providing information or a service

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    Who is ultimately responsible for reporting on a particular website - the business unit that owns the content or the IT department that hosts and manages the website?

    Directors General and Chief Executive Officers are responsible for the content, quantity and quality of their websites.

    The Web Manager and Business Owners for each agency website will be jointly responsible for the completion of the Framework website reporting documentation.

    It is anticipated that the agency's nominated website point of contact (provided in the Online Website Registration System) will have overall responsibility for the coordination and submission of the completed documents to the PSC.

    I am the manager of a small business unit and my website is hosted and maintained by the agency's IT department. Who is responsible for reporting on the cost information for my website?

    The IT department and Business Owners for each agency website will be jointly responsible for the completion of the cost information for each website, as the cost should include the time taken within the business unit (e.g. content authoring) as well as the hosting and maintenance provided by the IT department.

    It is important that you liaise with your IT department to ensure that responsibility for completing this aspect of your website report is clear.

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