• Becoming a Gateway reviewer

    Becoming a Gateway reviewer gives senior executives in the public and private sector the opportunity to help agencies improve project/program delivery performance; gain an insight into how public authorities manage their programs and projects, learn from and network with experienced senior executives; achieve an understanding of the Gateway review process; and be considered in reviews undertaken in WA, other states and New Zealand.

    Reviewers require a high level of skill and expertise in three or more of the following areas:

    • project/program management;
    • business analysis and planning;
    • procurement;
    • service delivery or operational experience;
    • infrastructure development;
    • managing business change;
    • stakeholder communications and management;
    • facilities management;
    • ICT development, procurement, management or implementation; and
    • policy or program development and implementation.

    In addition, potential reviewers should demonstrate excellent leadership, communication and negotiation skills. They should also have the ability to quickly develop new working relationships, and be capable of delivering concise and constructive outputs within tight timeframes.

    Gateway Review Team Member Training

    Completing Gateway Review Team Member training is a prerequisite to becoming a Gateway reviewer. The Gateway unit coordinates annual one-day review team member training session, delivered by an accredited training provider. It is open to members of the public and private sector.

    See the Gateway Training web page for more information on any sessions coming up. Alternatively, email the Gateway Unit, gateway@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Once you have completed your training, you can register to become a Gateway reviewer by completing the Gateway reviewer registration form and emailing this along with your CV, educational qualifications and Gateway training certificate to gateway@finance.wa.gov.au.


    PDF Becoming a Gateway Reviewer brochure