• Organising a Review

    In line with the Gateway stages (below) the Gateway team need up to three months notice to coordinate a review.

    Stage 1: Initiating a review

    (2-3 months before review)

    Initial meeting between Gateway Unit and the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) to discuss review requirements and dates.

    Stage 2: Preparation

    (6-8 weeks before review)

    Appointment of review team.

    Initial project/program documentation sent from project/program team to review team.

    Interviewees booked in by project/program team.

    Stage 3: Planning meeting

    (2-3 weeks before review)

    Project/program overview. Key issues and stakeholders. Finalise documents and interviewees.

    Stage 4: Conducting the review

    (Duration: 3-5 days)

    Review project/program documentation.

    Interview key project/program stakeholders.

    Regular briefing with SRO.

    Draft report presented to SRO.

    Stage 5: Post review

    (1 week after review)

    Final report sent to SRO, with a copy to Gateway.

    Collection and distribution of feedback.


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