• Agency Procurement Delegation and Exemption Matrices – including Exemption Registers

    Under the new provisions for Partial Exemptions, agencies are required to maintain a schedule of all positions with delegated authority from the Accountable Authority to act on behalf of the agency in its procurement activities. In summary these should include;

    1. Procurement Delegation Schedule - this is a Schedule of all positions with Delegated Authority to act on behalf of the CEO in relation to a range of procurement matters.
    2. Delegation Exemption from SSC Policy - this records the position with Delegated Authority from the CEO to approve exemptions from supply policies (usually the Chief Procurement Officer) and;
    3. Agency Exemption Register - a register of all the approved exemptions from following SSC policies (usually maintained by the CPO).

    The templates and explanation notes outlined below have been drafted in consultation with the SSC to assist agencies meet their obligations relating to delegations and recording exemptions.

    PDF  Summary of changes to the Delegation Schedules and Exemption Register (July 2016)


    Word file opens in new window Agency Delegation Schedule template

    Word file opens in new window Delegation Exemption from SSC Policy Schedule

    Excel file opens in new window Agency SSC Policy Exemption Register and Notes