• Aboriginal Businesses 

    Contracting for goods and services

    The Western Australian Government Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy advises agencies to purchase goods and services from Aboriginal businesses to help grow Aboriginal economic participation and create jobs for Aboriginal people.

    Are you an Aboriginal business looking to supply goods and services to the Western Australian Government? If so, there is plenty of information available to help you along the way:

    Step 1: Read the I’m a Supplier section in this website.

    Step 2: Read about the Aboriginal Business Initiative.

    Step 3: Consider registering your business on the Aboriginal Business Directory WA, so the Western Australian Government can contract with you under the Aboriginal Business Initiative.

    Step 4: Seek opportunities to supply to the Western Australian Government:

    Go to Tenders WA and register your business and update your profile to be notified of upcoming tenders.

    Check the Who Buys What and How section of the State Supply Commission website to research which government agencies may be interested in your goods and services.

    Go to the Supplier Information page of the State Supply Commission website and use the government purchasing officers list to connect with the right people.

    Under the Aboriginal Business Initiative, government agencies may be able to buy directly from a registered Aboriginal business without undertaking a competitive process. You will still need to submit an offer and form a contract. The process depends on the value of the purchase:

    • Up to and including $50K: Agencies can buy from you directly after you submit a verbal or written quote.
    • Between $50K and $250K: Agencies can buy from you directly after you submit a written quote.
    • $250K and above: Agencies may be able to buy from you directly after you complete a request for tender

    For more information, contact Government Procurement’s Social Procurement team:

    T: (08) 6551 2475

    E: spi@finance.wa.gov.au