• Community Services Procurement Review Committee


    The Community Services Procurement Review Committee (CSPRC) is an advisory committee and does not operate under a delegated authority from the State Supply Commission (SSC) or the Department of Finance (Finance).

    The role of the CSPRC is to provide Accountable Authorities and Finance with a level of assurance that high value / high risk projects:

    • deliver outcomes in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy;
    • provide a value for money outcome to the community and corporate government, not just the public authority;
    • ensure that best practice principles apply for the type of procurement being proposed;
    • take account of potential savings and smarter buying processes appropriate to the procurement being considered; and
    • meet the requirements of SSC supply policies and related government policies.

    The CSPRC endorses or makes recommendations (or does both) on:

    • Community Services procurement plans at a value of $5 million and greater;
    • Community Services contract award recommendations at a value of $5 million and greater; and
    • other procurement matters submitted or referred to the CSPRC.

    The CSPRC is accessible to all public authorities that procure human services from the not-for-profit sector.

    Accountability and responsibility for procurement decisions remain with the Accountable Authority whatever the decision of the CSPRC.

    CSPRC Documents

    Word CSPRC Summary Cover Page Template [Word] (opens in new window)

    PDF CSPRC Submission Deadlines and Corresponding Meeting Dates June 2019 - June 2020 [PDF] (opens in new window)


    • The CSPRC consists of at least five members with at least three members who are not employees of Finance.
    • The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are not employees of Finance.
    • Members are not appointed from outside of the public sector.
    • Finance’s Director, Funding and Contracting Services (Government Procurement) is a member.
    • The Finance Executive Director (Government Procurement) appoints members and determines the term of a member’s appointment.

    Meeting Arrangements

    • The CSPRC meets every Thursday at 10am at the Dumas House.
    • Agenda items for CSPRC consideration must be with the CSPRC Executive Officer by 11am Wednesday, the week prior to CSPRC consideration of the agenda item.
    • The agency’s team leader facilitating the procurement will submit Community Services procurement plans and contract award recommendations to the CSPRC.
    • The public authority’s team leader will usually attend the CSPRC meeting to respond to questions and listen to the views of the CSPRC.
    • Community Services procurement plans and contract award recommendations should NOT be approved by the Contract Authority prior to submission to the CSPRC.
    • The CSPRC may take one or a combination of the following actions:
      • Endorse
      • Conditionally Endorse
      • Decline to Endorse
      • Defer
      • Make Recommendations
      • Note
    • Letters detailing CSPRC decisions, and providing supporting advice where appropriate, will be sent to the Contract Authority under the signature of the Chairperson or the Deputy Chairperson.

    Contact Details

    Executive Officer
    Community Services Procurement Review Committee
    Funding and Contracting Services, Government Procurement
    Level 4, Optima Centre
    16 Parkland Road
    Osborne Park,  WA  6017
    Phone:  08 6551 1515
    Email:  csprc@finance.wa.gov.au

    Locked bag 11, Cloisters Square
    Perth WA 6850