• Aboriginal Procurement Policy

    The State Government is committed to supporting Aboriginal owned businesses through the introduction of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (the Policy). From 1 July 2018, government departments are required to award contracts to registered Aboriginal businesses, consistent with progressive targets increasing to three per cent. The targets will apply to all government agencies when purchasing goods, services, community services and works. The targets are also intended to apply to Government Trading Enterprises.

    View the introductory video from the Hon Ben Wyatt, Treasurer, Minister for Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs icon - YouTube Ben Wyatt Aboriginal Procurement.

    external website  Media Statement: Aboriginal Procurement Policy to drive Aboriginal entrepreneurship and business opportunities

    PDF  Aboriginal Procurement Policy

    Implementation of the Policy

    The Department of Finance undertook engagement activities to support both Aboriginal businesses and state government departments with the implementation of the Policy. This included hosting an Aboriginal Business Expo, delivering an Education and Training Program throughout the state and providing opportunities for Aboriginal businesses and government to connect.

    Guides to support the Aboriginal Procurement Policy

    Two Guides have been developed to support the introduction of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy with targeted information for Western Australian government agencies and the Aboriginal business sector.  Draft Guides were open for comment during February and feedback was applied where possible. 

    Acrobat icon Aboriginal Procurement Policy Implementation Guide

    This Guide (above) provides the Western Australian Government with information on implementing the Aboriginal Procurement Policy and explains how reporting of the targets will be managed.  The Implementation Guide also includes a handy ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for ease of use.

     Acrobat icon Contracting with the Western Australian Government: A Guide for Aboriginal businesses

    This Guide (above) aims to provide Aboriginal businesses with relevant information for preparing to seek contracting opportunities with the Western Australian Government.  The Guide outlines the procurement process and provides a simple checklist summarising considerations for Aboriginal businesses.

    More information

    Please refer to the Engaging Aboriginal Businesses page for further information.

    If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Department of Finance, Social Procurement Initiatives team – spi@finance.wa.gov.au or (08) 6551 2475.