Definitions and help notes to assist with website reporting

    URL category:

    •  WA Government website: the URL selected serves a WA Government website
    •  URL redirect: the URL selected is a redirection to another URL

    URL redirects to:

    If the domain is a URL redirect, provide where it redirects to.

    URL status:

    •  Active: currently operational and provides information or service
    •  Under construction: not providing any information or service and is scheduled to become active at a later date
    •  Not active: is not currently accessible to users and is planned to be decommissioned.
    •  Decommissioned: site has been removed from operation and is no longer accessible via the Internet. This includes redirects that have been decommissioned.
    •  Entered in error: URL entered in error. To be deleted from system.

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    Year launched:

    Provide the website's launch date

    Year redeveloped:

    When was the website last redeveloped (if applicable)

    Year decommissioned:

    When was the website decommissioned (if applicable)


    •  Organisation – primary: organisation's main website
    •  Organisation – other: website is for a particular sub-component or unit of an organisation
    •  Topic – specific: website is primarily focused on a specific topic, initiative, project or audience
    •  Campaign: website is used as part of a campaign
    •  Other: please specify

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    Business plan in place:

    Do you have a website business plan or similar that defines the website's objectives, functions and KPIs?

    Monitoring and analysis:

    Is the website monitored and analysed against defined objectives? (e.g. through web analytics, customer or user survey, focus group, etc...).

    Compliance with CWE:

    Does this website fully comply with the Common Website Elements (CWE)?

    Web accessibility level:

    Does this website meet or exceed the recommended minimum accessibility level for WA Government websites? As of 1 July 2010, the minimum level of accessibility compliance for WA Government websites is Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v2.0. level A (level AA preferred). W3C has a complete list of accessibility tools which you can use to assess website accessibility.

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    Which of the following best fits the functional characteristics and level of sophistication of this website?

    •  Web presence: a basic website composed of mostly static pages providing information about the organisation, policy statements, website's function, services provided and contact information, downloadable forms and documents
    •  Interaction: a more sophisticated website that enables a number of key business transactions to be conducted online, such as payments, applications, registrations, enrolments, account enquiries, service delivery enquiries, requests for information and services. Interaction, consultation and information sharing with citizen are provided through a number of facilities such as online surveys, online forums, responsive email service and online help and support.
    •  Integrated service delivery: the type of facilities described under 'Interaction' have been extended to cover all the main lines of business and the online services provided are fully integrated with other delivery channels available (e.g. shopfront, telephone). A citizen can move seamlessly between available delivery channels (e.g. start a transaction online, enquire on its progress by telephone and complete the transaction face-to-face) without having to restart the business they want to do.
    •  Other: this includes specialist sites such as portals, web applications, etc. Please provide more information in the box provided. Service area: Select the service area which best fit your website. If other please specify in the space provided. Hosting: Is the website hosted internally or externally?

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    Expected lifespan:

    How long will the website be in operation?

    •  Ongoing: the website has no defined lifespan and is expected to be an ongoing requirement for the organisation.
    •  Finite: the website has a finite lifespan with an expected end date.

    Search engine:

    What search engine does the website use?

    Web analytics:

    What web analytics software does this website use to collect and analyse information?


    Identify the Content Management System the website uses (if applicable)

    Operating system:

    What operating system does the website run on?

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    Web server:

    If hosting website internally, what web server do you use?

    Portal server:

    What Portal software (if any) is used on this website?

    Security user information:

    Does the website collect any personal information (e.g. name, email, date of birth, address, etc...)

    Secure transactions:

    Does this website perform secure transactions via the https protocol?

    Security digital certificates:

    Does this website use any digital certificates?

    Frequently asked questions about:

    Contact Details

    For further information please contact

    Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

    E-mail: websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au

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