• Governance and Reporting


    The Website Accessibility initiative in Western Australia (WA) is being undertaken as a component of the Website Governance Framework (WGF). The WGF was released under Premier’s Circular in May 2008 (re-released as Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2009-02) to provide WA Government agencies with a consistent approach to the management and delivery of information and services in the online environment.

    In recognition of the whole-of-government nature of this initiative, a cross-government Steering Committee has being formed to provide a governance mechanism at the whole-of-government level. The Steering Committee meets quarterly and receives summarised progress reports and considers and resolves significant issues that are impacting on the initiative.

    A cross-agency reference group for website accessibility has existed for some time and will continue to operate. The reference group will focus on information sharing and resolution of more detailed/technical issues that arise during the initiative. Agency representatives wanting to participate in the reference group should email the request to websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au.

    The Department of Finance will provide agencies with advice by providing information through the website (this website). WA Government agencies can seek further advice or contribute to the information available by emailing websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au.

    Agencies are responsible for implementing the Website Accessibility Policy and reporting on progress to the Department of Finance.


    Under the WGF, agencies are required to report at the end of each financial year on website costs and various aspects of their websites, including the level of website accessibility to which each website conforms. This will continue to be the primary reporting mechanism for website accessibility.


    For further information please contact

    Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

    E-mail: websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au