• Minimum Information Requirements

    Along with the structure and navigation elements of a website, at a minimum, the following information should conform to WCAG 2.0:

    All content associated with the WA Government’s Common Website Elements standard, including:

    • Sitemap
    • Accessibility
    • Contact us (Contact details)
    • Privacy
    • Disclaimer
    • Copyright
    • About us (if it is available)
    • FAQ (if it is available)
    • Instructions provided to assist users in using the website (where available)

    All content in relation to:

    • Information about the organisation, including its role, legislation, administered functions, structure, key personnel and services.
    • Current information that will help citizens to understand their responsibilities, obligations, rights and entitlements in relation to:
      • government assistance
      • rules and regulations related to the organisations functions (e.g.: information on applications and processes, application for licenses or license renewals, etc…)
    • Current public notices, warnings and advice.

    The Minimum Requirement includes key documents that fall within the above and are made available through a government website.

    An example of this is the agency’s Annual Report. Under the Annual Reporting Framework available from the Public Sector Commission’s website, agencies are already required to ensure their Annual Report conforms with accessibility requirements.

    Agencies will need to apply a similar approach to the above when determining the minimum requirements for their Intranet. That is, along with the structure and navigation elements of the Intranet, agencies should focus on information that helps employees understand the essential elements of their work environment.


    (Documents over two megabytes will be indicated)

    Contact Details

    For further information please contact

    Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

    E-mail: websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au