• Website Planning Guide

    What is it?

    The Website Planning Guidehas been designed to ensure that agencies fully consider issues relevant to the development and management of websites. The guide is intended to assist agencies to:

    • ensure their websites are aligned to government and agency strategic objectives, policies, standards and guidelines
    • ensure business owners and agency executives understand the objectives and requirements of proposed websites and their associated roles and responsibilities
    • define the project scope of proposed websites and how they will be managed and maintained.

    The website plan is primarily for internal use by an agency. It is designed to provide those with executive responsibility for the website (i.e. the Executive Sponsor or Group) with sufficient information to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the proposed development of a new website or, for an existing website, whether it should be redeveloped, continued as it is or decommissioned.

    What is required?

    A website business plan is required to be completed by agencies for:

    • all new public-facing website development
    • major redevelopment of existing public-facing website.

    The Department of Finance supports this process by providing clarification and assistance in the completion of the plan.

    When should it be done?

    The website business plan should be completed as part of the planning phase. Once it has been approved by your Agency Executive Group or sponsor, development of a new website or the major redevelopment of an existing website can then commence.

    If a new website URL is required please refer to the Domain Name Policy [Word] (opens in new window) and Domain Name Application form [Word] (Opens in new window).


    Note: Documents over 2 megabytes in size will have the size indicated.

  • Website Business Plan [PDF] (opens in new window)
  • Website Business Plan [Word] (opens in new window)
  • Domain Name Policy [PDF] (opens in new window)
  • Domain Name Policy [Word] (opens in new window)
  • Domain Name Application Form [Word] (opens in new window)
  • Website Governance Framework [PDF] (opens in new window)
  • Contact Details

    For all WGF Website Business Plan and Domain Name registration queries contact:

    Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

    E-mail: websitegovernanceframework@gcio.wa.gov.au