• Our Strategic Direction

    Our Vision

    Our vision is a high performing public sector empowered and enabled by our advice and services.

    Our Purpose

    Our objective is to facilitate the efficient operation of government, informed decision making and value-for-money outcomes for Western Australians.

    We achieve this by being sought out for our trusted advice and quality services to Government and its agencies.

    What we do

    We fulfil our purpose through:

    • Leadership and strategic advice to Government on initiatives to improve the operations and management of services in the public sector
    • Continuous improvement in the provision of efficient and effective procurement and non-residential building services to
      government agencies
    • The fair and efficient administration of revenue laws and the payment of grants and subsidies to the community

    We want to be known for

    • Providing quality services for our customers
    • Shaping and leading the development of influential advice
    • Building excellent relationships
    • Ensuring efficient and effective systems and processes
    • Investing in our people and our workplace.

    We will do this by

    • Building and consolidating our core strengths
      • Our people
      • Our businesses
      • Our relationships
      • Our systems and processes
    • Leveraging and adding new value
      • Advancing a whole-of-government perspective
      • Recognising and presenting opportunities
      • Driving new efficiencies and innovations in government services
      • Designing solutions to address priorities of government.

    Our underpinning values

    What unites us as a Department is our values.

    and caring
    We work collaboratively and openly and treat others with fairness and respect.

    We are dedicated to providing high quality work which delivers value and we constantly seek to improve the way we operate.


    We lead people and ideas so that we can make a positive difference. We value the strength that comes from diversity.

    We do what we say we will. We are reliable, trustworthy and inspire confidence.

     People matter
    We build relationships and promote teamwork. We appreciate and support people, thereby empowering them.

    Our Strategic Direction 2015-18

    View the Strategic Directions 2015-18.