• Finance collaborates across government to reduce red tape

    Reducing red tape for both public and private sectors is high on the agenda for the State Government to ease the regulatory burden on Western Australian businesses and communities.

    The ongoing commitment by the Department of Finance to address unnecessary regulation across Government aims to enhance WA’s productivity, competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

    The Economic Reform team, within the Department of Finance has been able to work across a number of government departments in support of this initiative, and the Department itself is continually assessing its own processes to ensure good service for our customers.

    In 2014, State Revenue in particular made significant inroads in improving government administration, saving taxpayers and Government time and money.

    State Revenue continued to streamline Revenue Online processes, and provided advice and support for insolvency practitioners to calculate their pre and post appointment payroll tax liabilities. The expansion of Revenue Online now allows insolvency practitioners to self-assess and administer the payroll tax liabilities of their clients.

    The State Supply Commission also amended a number of supply policies. A significant change was to the Open and Effective Competition policy and the increase of procurement thresholds. This allows agencies a simpler procurement process for a wider range of activities, and is expected to reduce the number of written quotations administered by Government Procurement by around 300 per year.

    Other initiatives the Department has implemented over the last year



    Benefits of the Reform

    Taxation Legislation Amendment Bill (no 2) – seeks to remedy an inefficiency in the regulations determining land tax exemptions

    Currently before Parliament

    Reduced compliance burden and the creation of a more innovative environment where entrepreneurship is not penalised

    State Supply Commission’s supply policies were amended

    October 2014

    Allowed agencies to follow a simpler procurement process for more procurement activities (without increasing the risk), creating an internal efficiency gain

    Enhancements to State Revenue’s duties self-assessment system Revenue Online

    June 2014

    Reforms have reduced delays in valuation processes for conveyancers, property buyers and sellers by up to 10 working days.  For more details on this initiative, refer to the media statement by the Minister for Finance

    Insolvency business brochure and expanded online self-assessment access via Revenue Online

    April 2014

    Extension of customer service offering and guidelines to insolvency practitioners, and enhanced government efficiency

    Amendment of the requirement to a lodge transfer duty statement on the transfer of business assets

    Sept 2013

    Reform has removed unnecessary compliance costs for taxpayers, and enhanced the efficiency of the assessment process

    Removal of the transfer duty on the temporary transfer of fishing entitlements

    Sept 2013

    A monetary saving for applicants, and time savings with the removal of the lodgement and approval process

    SMS for 1st home owner grant applications, reminding recipients of their residency requirements under the grant

    Sept 2013

    Improvements in government efficiency, allowing the opportunity for compliance obligations to be met ahead of the deadline where the grant may have to be recovered

    Single issue payroll tax audit

    Sept 2013

    Reform has improved government efficiency and reduced the compliance burden for employers administering

    Amendment to transfer duty on certain easements

    Sept 2013

    Reform has provided monetary and time savings for applicants and enhanced government efficiency

    Increase of credit card payment limit for Land Tax


    August 2013

    Reducing the compliance burden for land tax payers

    Implementation of a data matching system that compares information from the ATO, Western Power and the AEC to ensure eligibility to claim the land tax residence exemption

    July 2013

    Reduction in the compliance burden for employers administering pay roll tax, and enhanced government efficiency

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    Published date: 19 November 2014