• 2015 Common Use Arrangement Schedule

    If you buy goods and services on behalf of your agency, you have probably used or at least investigated using a CUA. A CUA, or Common Use Arrangement, is a standing offer awarded to suppliers to provide goods or services commonly bought by government agencies. CUAs make buying easy and minimise risk. There are 46 CUAs, most of which are mandatory in the Perth metropolitan area. CUAs and the resources surrounding them are continuously tweaked to better meet the need of Government and increase user friendliness.

    CUAs now live

    Computing and Mobile Devices – 16 February

    The new Computing and Mobile Devices CUA provides agencies with more flexibility and an improved range of products at more competitive prices. For the first time, retailers, resellers and manufacturers will all supply to government – and everyone is providing minimum discounts off their corporate rates. Agencies can purchase a wide range of products, including desktops, notebooks, workstations, tablets, as well as newer ‘cutting edge’ devices such as chromebooks and phablets. This CUA replaces the Notebooks and Personal Computers CUA. For more information, go to Contracts WA.

    Reticulated Gas – 1 April

    Saving your agency money has become much easier with the Reticulated Natural Gas CUA.

    Save up to 24 per cent on your agency’s annual gas bill by using this arrangement, which allows agencies to compare tariff-based arrangements with CUA prices and buy reticulated gas more efficiently, at a competitive price. For more information, go to Contracts WA.

    Upcoming CUAs

    Storage, Retrieval and Destruction Services for Paper and Electronic Records – June 2015

    This CUA is under redevelopment and will provide for storage, retrieval, destruction and digitisation services of paper and electronic records.

    Office Stationery and Consumables – June 2015

    The redeveloped CUA will offer a range of office paper, copy paper and envelopes. The inclusion of a new Office Kitchen Provisions category will provide the added convenience of a one-stop shop. The CUA is more flexible and allows customers to achieve greater savings on stationery products including those that are not on the CUA catalogue list.

    Oracle – June 2015

    This new CUA will include two categories, covering enterprise agreements, licensed software, hardware and related support services.

    Data Centres – July 2015

    A redevelopment of the Data Centre CUA is underway and will cover co-locations services and value-add services including managed and transition services.

    ICT Services – October 2015

    The ICT Service CUA is under redevelopment and will be streamlined into three categories – ICT Planning and Advisory Services, Business Solutions Implementation Services and ICT Environment Management Services.

    Telecommunication Services – October 2015

    Finance is redeveloping the CUA to ensure agencies have the most up-to-date telecommunication services available to them. Managed telecommunications services will be a key focus of this new CUA.

    Human Resources and Investigation Services – October 2015

    The Human Resources (HR) Services CUA and HR Investigations CUA will be redeveloped into one single CUA that will provide services under three categories – Job Design and Classification, Recruitment Management and HR Investigations.

    Published date: 10 April 2015