• ADEs reaching new heights

    Western Australian (WA) Government agencies have awarded $21.5 million worth of contracts to Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) since the initiative began in 2010.

    A new Western Australia Police (WAPol) cleaning contract with Intework tipped the total value over the $20 million mark in a momentous occasion for WA’s eight ADEs and the 2100 people they employ.

    Disability Services Minister, Helen Morton and Finance Minister, Bill Marmion announced the milestone from WAPol’s Joondalup Police Academy, one of the premises that Intework will be cleaning.

    “Thank you to WA Police and the many other agencies that use the services of ADEs,” said Minister Morton.

    “This support has provided increased job security to hundreds of people with a disability and given them the opportunity for meaningful employment.”

    Minister of Finance with ADE staff

    Other key stakeholders at the announcement included Intework CEO Fiona Beermier, Department of Finance Director Alex Taylor, WAPol’s Acting Superintendent Gordon Fairman and 16 of Intework’s dedicated employees who clean the WA Police Academy facilities.

    The Department of Finance and Government Procurement in particular, have had a significant hand in helping government agencies understand the capabilities of the ADEs and the subsequent benefits to their employees.

    Since 2010, agencies have been able to directly engage ADEs without undertaking a competitive quote or tender, provided the service or product represents value-for-money.

    The range of products and services provided since has developed ten-fold and the ADEs are meeting the demands of many agencies. Contracts have ranged from ground maintenance services for the Department of Parks and Wildlife, warehousing of school furniture for the Department of Education, to the testing of extinguishers for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

    Minister Marmion was impressed with the diverse range of contracts and the contribution to the initiative from the 27 agencies, which has resulted in 73 contracts awarded to ADEs to date.

    “The variety of agencies that have taken up the opportunity highlights just how successful this initiative is,” said Minister Marmion.

    “Feedback has been very positive, confirming that ADEs are delivering quality products and services at competitive prices.”

    Government Procurement’s Alex Taylor, and WAPol‘s Gordon Fairman received appreciation certificates to recognise their contribution.


    Alex Taylor said he is proud of the work that the Department has done to help establish government contracts with the ADEs.

    “Our procurement staff have done a wonderful job assisting agencies recognise the potential, and then award the contract to the ADEs.”

    “The ADEs continue to raise the bar with the standards and quality of their goods and services provided to government agencies. These contracts help provide the ADE employees with meaningful work, which further develops their work and social skills.”

    Watch the video below to see the great feedback from Acting Superintendent Gordon Fairman as well as from some of the Intework employees.


    If your agency is considering engaging an ADE or would like to know more about their capabilities please contact Government Procurement’s Social Procurement Initiatives Manager.

    Published date: 29 May 2015