• Bulk mail contract is just good business

    Fingers are flying – sorting, stuffing and stamping envelopes – with a focus on quality.

    The bulk mail contract between the Department of Health and Western Australian Disability Enterprise Intework represents an opportunity for both parties to benefit.

    For Health, the contract with Intework means fast and accurate processing of its Western Australian Cervical Cancer Prevention Program mail outs and some savings on postage that Intework can offer by carrying out extra sorting.

    As some of the 16 Intework employees working part time on the contract, Robert, Warren, Jessica, Donald, Rosa and Louis, all believe they’ve learnt new work skills and built on their own strengths.

    Skills Trainer, Jan Curedale said the responsibility of having work that had to be done had been a very positive influence.

    “Suddenly, unlike our life skills courses, there are deadlines and accountabilities – the work these employees are doing really matters, and achieving those requirements has been a source of pride,” she said.

    The WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program was able to award this contract through an exemption under the State Supply Commission Policies.

    Health’s Program Manager, Nerida Steel, said the contract had been working well and she was very happy with the quality of the work and the customer service offered.

    “Despite Intework operating in a more manual way, we’re finding the accuracy of the mail outs to be higher and the cost lower,” she said.

    “In the past we’ve had bulk contracts with large mail companies and we’ve found their automated systems sometimes picked up two letters together, which is a privacy breach.

    “With people manually stuffing envelopes we haven’t had this happen, and at the same time we’re really pleased to be able to offer meaningful work to people with disabilities.”

    To negotiate a similar contract or find out more about contracting an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), talk to your agency’s Government Procurement representative or the ADE Procurement specialist on (08) 6551 2475 or email ADE.Procurement@finance.wa.gov.au.

    Published date: 26 May 2014